Jacob Heftmann



Jacob Heftmann

190925 mpscd19

Parsons MPS CD Type & Interaction 1, Fall 2019 link

190714 automatic book workshop

Automatic Book Workshop. Link

190521 screen

Interview: Screen Magazine, Issue 1 Read

“What would design look like if its aim weren’t profit?”

The New Yorker

190408 laabf newspaper

Analog website for XXXI, LAABF. 2019
Designed by Yeliz Secerli/XXIX

Los Angeles

Art Book Fair

Apr 12-14

190211 teaching why
190127 ruta23

Ruta 23 typeface 2018
Info and Download →

181214 bent

Bent typeface (in progress) 2018

180921 mailer

Studio mailer for XXIX 2018

180829 over priced rubbish rotation0